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Roads & Streets in and around Maldon

(1891 - 1984)   

In this section the photographs are of roads and streets in Maldon including:

Butt Lane, Church Street, Coach Lane, Cromwell Hill, Cross Road , Fambridge Road, London Road, Market Hill, Mill Road, North Street, The Causeway, The Downs, The Street Heybridge,  Wantz Road  and West Square to name just a few.

(The High Street has its own separate section)

What is the difference between a road and a street?

 In the past there used to be a difference between a road and a street, but nowadays there's very little difference between the two.

A road usually runs between two more distant points, such as between two towns. A street is described as being a paved road or highway - in a city, town, or village, especially one lined with houses, shops, or other buildings (strictly speaking, an avenue is lined with trees). The implication is that if a street does not have these things, it will probably be called a road. 

When a town expands, sometimes what was formerly a road will become a street. Other names are "close" which traditionally is a dead-end road that doesn't link through into other roads. "Park" where the road is near some green open space. Simply a road is a general term for an artery - main roads, side roads, lanes etc and a street is usually a town road, lined with houses and buildings.

Although just to confuse matters even more the old Roman roads were called "street",